Your Story - Matthew Huang

Your Story

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?" -Hamilton

We all have our own stories to tell. Sometimes there is no better way to tell your story than with photographs. It would be my pleasure to help you capture those memories and stories, whether that be engagements, weddings, family portraits, events, or you doing something you're passionate about. I will do my best to capture the essence of the moment by making sure you are as comfortable as possible.

I'm looking to work with fun people who are looking beyond the standard and cliche photos; instead, looking for photos that represent their individual personality.

You won't just get hundreds of photos to post to Facebook or leave sitting on your hard drive; instead, I'll curate an album that tells your story. A story that you can be proud of and be excited to share with your friends and family.

Let’s discuss your story!


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